I am so excited to share with you guys what I have to offer BUT I have been super nervous about posting this picture. I have been going back and forth about if I am willing to put myself out there like this BUT what I keep reminding myself is that there is NOTHING wrong with my first images. I had just carried my twins 38.5 weeks and their combined weight was over 15 pounds of just baby! AND this was after my second pregnancy. So, in my mind that body is not weak or unattractive it was just in a different phase. So, why am I sharing this? Because I have worked REALLY hard to get to a place physically where I am strong and happy with my hard work paying off but I haven't done it all alone! I can offer you guys a piece of my puzzle. The all natural product ADVANTRASLIM along with the preworkout and protein shakes have played a major role in my fitness journey. I was stuck trying to lose my last 15 pounds while eating super healthy AND doing workouts the same as I do now without seeing the results I wanted. Nothing is more frustrating and as a mom I couldn't spend even more time in the gym! I have a life outside of the gym! I added these products to my routine and the results started happening! I reached my goal weight within a couple of months and was completely shocked and happy! Now months later the weight has stayed off. (I will say that after I lost the weight I was working on I had surgery to repair my diastisis recti, bulging hernia in my belly button and removal of extra skin from my twin pregnancy! I didn't have lipo or fat removal. I just want to be completely honest about my journey!) LUCKILY, because of my love for all of the products they have agreed to give ALL of my followers 30% OFF their entire shopping cart. Add Jess30 at checkout and let me know what you get! You guys I really can't shout this louder! TRY IT!!! Link to order is in my profile. Xo, Jess

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