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💥DEAL TIME: Been using this stuff secretly for 6 MONTHS & it’s changed my life! A bold statement. But it’s true! It even came with me to Tahiti— because I couldn’t leave without it!
I had gotten used to feeling tired all of the time, having no energy, even having this foggy mom brain all-day-long. I just figured I was getting older and it was something to deal with. After my first day trying it,I was hooked. BUT I knew that if I was going to share it with you, I would have to do some long-term testing. So I’ve secretly been using this stuff for 6 MONTHS! Before I shared it, I wanted to make sure that my body didn’t get used to it. I wanted to be able to honestly say it helped me with my workouts and just everyday appetite control/weight loss. So now I can tell you guys all about it!
1⃣I take Advantraslim EVERY SINGLE MORNING after breakfast. If I don’t take it, I notice that I’m dragging, tired and have no motivation to do anything. When I take it, it can get me off the couch & gives me that little kick I need to get moving and get things done. (But no crazy buzz!🙌🏻) Best part about it? It has something called Slendesta—an all natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to suppress appetite AND increase energy! And guys, it works!! It has helped me SO MUCH while I have been counting macros the past 3 months.
2️⃣ I decided to try the Pre-Workout once I started working out regularly in November. Other Pre-Workouts have made me SO jittery, made me sick and even made me throw up because there was so much caffeine in them! This Pre-Workout only has 80 MG of Caffeine to give me a slight boost without any side effects after my workout. I’ve doubled and even tripled my workout times because of this little pixie stick of power.
💥FULL Details about both of these on my stories cuz I’m running out of room.
➡Grab Advantraslim for $24.98 with code MELEA50! (Instead of $49.95) Includes 30 Servings. Go to (✨link in profile✨)
➡Grab Pre-Workout for only $26.48 with code MELEA50! (Instead of $52.95!) Includes 45 Servings.

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You guys asked for another deal on @wmnutrition because you guys loved it too— so here it is! I’m so obsessed with this stuff that I even take it with me on all of our vacations—on our trip to Tahiti in December and on our trip to Disneyland last week!😍I can’t leave home without it.
I personally use the Advantraslim each morning to help curb my cravings and it gives me a little energy boost to help get me started in the morning. Without it, I feel like I’m dragging, tired and have no desire to do anything productive. (😂Talked about what happened last night/this morning in my stories too!) It’s completely changed my mornings—which is saying a lot since I’m not a morning person AT ALL!🙈
I also use their Pre-Workout because it gives me a boost of energy before my workouts that doesn’t make me sick, jittery or leave me with a crash an hour later. It’s also doubled and even tripled my workout times. I used to be able to do 20 minutes of cardio and be DYING and exhausted… now I can go 40- 60 minutes when I take the Pre-Workout beforehand. (See the time on that pic above??!😱) It’s awesome!
Use code Melea45 to get 45% off site wide at (✨link in profile✨)! Grab 30 Servings of the Advantraslim for only $27.49! (instead of $50)
And you can use the same code at to get 45 servings of their Pre-Workout for only $29.12! (Instead of $53!)
Hope y’all are excited for another deal to try it for the first time or re-stock after our last deal! Check out my stories if you want more info on this stuff too💋

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Great Image and Great description

Question I get all the time about intermittent fasting: … Do you take a pre workout during your fast? … ABSOLUTELY ✅ But only @wmnutrition pixies! They are my fav and give me long lasting energy with NO crash! This momma needs it! 😎 … Use code “heart45” and receive 45% OFF! Don’t miss out! … Sour strawberry is my fav!

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I make my green smoothie after working out and Harris and Goldie love drinking it with me! It has @wmnutrition blueberry protein which is sweetened with stevia (all natural so it doesn’t give me a headache) and tastes SO good. I had about 25 pounds to lose last January and their protein and Advantraslim have really helped to me to eat healthy and make good choices this year to get back in shape, but most importantly to FEEL my best so I can take care of these two. @wmnutrition gave me a discount code for you!! “style50” gets you 50% off their entire site 🙌🏻

Great Image and Decent Description

I workout, just so I can take my @wmnutrition pre workout 💪🏼💚 … I am serious! I am obsessed with the taste, the energy it gives me and that it doesn’t make me crash! Anyone else? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Use code “heart50” for a discount!

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My favorite green smoothie!! I have it every single day and it’s how I get in my veggies + it tastes sooo good! – A couple handfuls of spinach – 3/4 cup ish of frozen mixed berries – 1 packet @wmnutrition blueberry protein – Water – Ice

Blend and drink! You can also add Trop 50 OJ instead of water for a tropical twist. Use code Style45 for 45% off the protein and their entire site! It’s my favorite protein of ALL time and sweetened with stevia so it’s all natural 🙌🏻