Whey Protein/Collagen Mix – 30 servings – WM Nutrition System

Whey Protein/Collagen Mix – 30 servings


Results are Everything and YOUR health is our priority!

Our product uses high-quality, natural ingredients.  Our goal was to provide you with a natural, great tasting product without any of that chemical after taste you may have experienced in the past. Your digestive health is critical to getting the results you are looking for and our team is committed to your success.

We use whey isolate, which is the highest quality form of whey.  We also use hydrolized Bovine collagen for the easiest to digest and most absorbed form of collagen.  With these 2 ingredients combined you get a COMPLETE solution for muscle maintenance and bone, joint, skin and hair maintenance.  It’s the perfect combo that TASTES AMAZING!

Weight 24 oz
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