The System Intense Weight Management


It’s that time to get in shape again and it looks like you might need to take drastic measures! The System crash diet is the fastest way to help you shed extra pounds.

Maybe you’re trying to get “high school” skinny, getting ready for summertime swimwear weather, or just want to look amazing fast. The System can help get you there.

The System crash diet will cut your appetite and boost your metabolism with the clinically based AdvantraSlim. Replace a meal with the amazing tasting All Natural Protein to shed pounds and feel amazing. Continue to shed pounds and get an amazing night sleep with Sleep it Off. Take the PreWorkout before any exercise routine and get maximum results.  This unique mix of products work together for astounding results!!

Choose your AdvantraSlim, Protein, and Preworkout Flavors below:

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Product Description

Get the body you’ve always wanted with this all-inclusive, slimming performance package. The System – Crash Diet contains the best of the best when it comes to WM Nutrition recipes and will leave you feeling like a million bucks upon completion. Look great, feel great, and persevere with a combination of all natural proteins, herbal ingredients, and performance products that will make those beach-goers jealous. You could be introduced to an entirely new “you” with this clinically-proven package.


Protein – Replace 1 meal with protein (preferably breakfast) – can be blended with fruit for low cal smoothie

AdvantraSlim – Take 1-2 times daily 30 minutes before mealtime. Mix with 16 oz of water and drink entire contents.

Sleep It off – Take 30 minutes before bedtime – Take either straight to mouth or mix with 2-3oz of water and drink entire contents.

PreWorkout – Take before any workout for the best pump without the dump in energy.