Sprint Package


  • AdvantraSlim (choose flavors below) (60 Servings)
  • Caffeine free (30 servings)
  • Sleep it Off (30 servings)
  • WM Water Bottle

A sprint diet is a method of losing weight rapidly by reducing caloric intake dramatically.  Why walk when you can sprint to your goal right?  The typical sprint diet candidate is someone looking to jumpstart their weight loss with maximum benefits in the least amount of time.  Maybe they have a summer vacation, wedding or high school reunion they are planning to attend or maybe just need the extra boost that immediate results can provide.

 See Below for Directions

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Product Description

Directions for Use:

Take 1 advantraslim 15 minutes before breakfast

Take 1 advantraslim 15 minutes before lunch

Snack/ Dinner
Take 1 Advantraslim caffein free before snack or dinner

Take 1 sleep it off 20 minutes before bedtime 


Do sprint diets really work?

Everyone is different and everyone has different goals, but if you are looking to lose weight very quickly than this type of diet can be very effective.

These diets are not for everyone and are definitely not easy to implement and maintain due to the highly restricted caloric intake.  We aren’t condoning this kind of approach and definitely recommend a more moderate approach to managing your healthy weight, but here is how the sprint package can jumpstart your efforts!

How does the Sprint Package help with any diet?

Our flagship product AdvantraSlim contains 2 clinically proven ingredients (Slendesta and AdvatnraZ) that curb your appetite and jumpstart your metabolism.  The Second product Sleep it off combines super powerful ingredients (Ashwagahnda, S-Capciatra, Melatonin) that let you lose while you snooze so you can wake feeling lighter, more rested and better balanced.