Hot Chocolate AdvantraSlim


Start your morning off right with a warm cup of hot chocolate with all the great things you love about AdvantraSlim:

  • Beat those pesky snack cravings and curb your appetite for up to 4 hours
  • Regulate your mood and boost energy with 80mg of natural caffeine
  • All natural alternative to sodas, sports drinks and sugary drinks that only increase hunger
  • Super convenient single serve packets make it perfect for on-the-go and sharing with friends

***Salted Caramel ships first week in December***


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Product Description

Ready to slim down? The AdvantraSlim supply package can leave you looking and feeling lighter! The fast-acting formula contains Slendesta, which is an all-natural and clinically proven ingredient that simultaneously suppresses appetite and increases energy in a way that breaks down and utilizes fat cells for the best results.

AdvantraSlim is incredibly easy to use and fights hunger while fueling the body for up to 4 hours at a time. It’s perfect for anyone with an on-the- go lifestyle in need of a convenient solution.Simply sip and go about your day while speeding up your metabolism and slimming down by the minute!



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