Hot Chocolate AdvantraSlim – Caffeine Free


Start your morning off right with a warm cup of hot chocolate and all the great things you love about AdvantraSlim:

  • Beat those pesky snack cravings and curb your appetite for up to 4 hours
  • All natural alternative to coffee, sodas, and sugary drinks that only increase hunger
  • Super convenient single serve packets make it perfect for on-the-go and sharing with friends
  • Now with Ashwagandha to help reduce stress and increase overall health


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Ready to slim down? The AdvantraSlim supply package can leave you looking and feeling lighter! The fast-acting formula contains Slendesta, which is an all-natural and clinically proven ingredient that simultaneously suppresses appetite and increases energy in a way that breaks down and utilizes fat cells for the best results. It’s perfect for anyone with an on-the- go lifestyle in need of a convenient solution.Simply sip and go about your day while speeding up your metabolism and slimming down by the minute!  It also has clinically proven Ashwagandha that helps the body maintain healthy cortisol levels, balance of hormones, improved insulin sensitivity, and much more.

When we are stressed our hypothalamus  release  hormones that travel through the bloodstream to the pituitary gland, which in turn secretes other hormones and activates the adrenal gland, which releases the stress hormone, cortisol.  Ashwagandha enhances the body’s activity to resist a stressor. It exerts a normalizing influence on the body, neither over-stimulating nor inhibiting  normal  body  function.  Ashwagandha’s is also known to be a powerful antioxidant

Extracts  of  ashwagandha  produce  GABA-like  activity,  which  may  account  for  the  herb’s  anti- anxiety effects. GABA (Gamma Amino-butyric acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Its function  is  to  decrease  neuronal  activity  and  inhibit  nerve  cells  from  over-firing.  This  action produces   a   calming   effect.   Excessive   neuronal   activity   can   lead   to   restlessness   and sleeplessness, but GABA inhibits the number of nerve cells that fire in the brain, and helps to induce sleep,  uplift  mood,  and  reduce  anxiety.  There  is  emerging  evidence  suggesting  a  role  of ashwagandha  in  suppressing  stress-induced  increase  of  dopamine  receptors  in  the  corpus striatum  of  the  brain.  It  is  also  claimed  to  reduce  stress-induced  increases  of  plasma corticosterone, blood urea nitrogen, and blood lactic acid. Overall, ashwagandha helps the body in coping with stress by restoring hypothalamic and peripheral receptor sensitivity to the effects of cortisol and other adrenal hormones.

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