All Natural AdvantraSlim Hot Chocolate / All Natural iHeartmacros BCAA


AdvantraSlim Hot Chocolate- Replace Soda, Coffee and sugary drinks  with clinically proven, clinically tested ingredients that curb the appetite and taste amazing! Need intense focus for several hours without getting distracted by hunger?? Pop an easy on the go AdvantraSlim and say goodbye to hunger pains for 4 hours while feeling energized and focused.

It is definitely the time of year to start your day out with some hot chocolate and end your day with hot chocolate. We have 3 different flavors… Salted Caramel, Mocha, and caffeine-free Hot Chocolate. These are literally the best way to replace snacking. It can’t get much better than sweet Hot Chocolate that doubles as a yummy treat!!

iHeart BCAA Strawberry Lemonade –  We all work very hard in the gym and the kitchen to build our desired physique, the All Natural BCAA’s help in the process of building and repairing of lean muscle. Containing the purest branched chain amino acids the body needs free from artificial color, flavor, and sweeteners.