z AdvantraSlim Package – All Natural Bundle


The AdvantraSlim package combines the power of our best-selling product & SleepItOff. Save big with this bundle!

30 servings of AdvantraSlim

30 servings of All-Natural Sleep It Off

These two pack a punch and are made for your convenience. Just add to water, and you’re set!


*AdvantraSlim provides the perfect amount of energy with 80mg of all-natural caffeine

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AdvantraSlim- Replace Soda, Coffee and sugary drinks  with he clinicaly proven, clinically tested ingredients that curb the appetite and taste amazing! Need intense focus for several hours without getting distracted by hunger?? Pop an easy on the go AdvantraSlim and say goodbye to hunger pains for 4 hours while feeling energized and focused.

Were you out the door before you ate and you know you won’t be back for hours… Pop an AdvantraSlim and stop any hunger pain for 4 hours and get a “pick me up” while you’re at it.

Are you in for a long day at work and want to avoid that fast food? Grab an AdvantraSlim and get through the next 4 hours feeling full, alert and ready to deal with any situation.

Need to drop a few extra pounds. Advantraslim can help you say no to your cravings and help you stay slim. AdvantraSlim cuts your appetite for 4 hours so you can say no to those dirty
cravings and have energy through the day.

Sleep it Off- effects are usually felt within 15-30 mins. Sleep it Off contains ingredients that promote sleep and fat burn by increasing resting energy expenditure (REE), which the body uses to burn off more calories.  It also stimulates thermogenesis; which allows the body to burn calories from stored fats and enhances glycogen sparing, promoting an increase in energy production.

Sleep it Off also improves cortisol levels,  insulin sensitivity and naturally balances hormones. It also Protects the immune system, Helps combat the effects of stress, Improves learning, memory, and reaction time.  It helps reduce anxiety and depression, helps reduce brain-cell degeneration, Stabilizes blood sugar, Helps lower cholesterol, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and enhances sexual potency for both men and women. Sleep it Off promotes deeper sleep allowing your body the full benefits of the WMNutrtition System.