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Five Proven Weight Loss Tips You Need To Be Doing

Five Proven Weight Loss Tips You Need To Be Doing

With more people than ever before in the United States tipping the scales and entering the “overweight/obese” weight range, it’s become critical that as much information is shared as possible to help win the war not only against excessive weight, but also the war against diabetes, high blood pressure, joint diseases, heart diseases, and a host of other weight-induced maladies. We already know that there are thousands upon thousands of tips out there that are supposed to help us lose weight, but there are only a handful out there that are backed by actual data, evidence, and studies. Following are five weight loss tips you should heed that are truly legit:

  1.  Drink Your Water – It helps more than you might think. We’ve all heard that in order to help lose weight, we need to drink water – and lots of it. But did you know that drinking water can actually raise your metabolism by up to 30% over 1 ½ hours? Not only that, but drinking at least a half-liter of water about 30 minutes before meals helps you eat less; studies show that those who do this lose up to 44% more weight than those who don’t drink water before meals.
  2. Coconut Oil is Your Friend. This type of oil is high in a unique type of fats known as medium chain triglycerides. These are metabolized differently than other types of fats and also have been shown to increase metabolism and reduce peoples’ appetites. Be careful, though, not to add coconut oil on top of what you are eating already. Instead, replace current fats in your diet with it.
  3. Have You Heard of Glucomannan? This is a supplement that has been shown in various studies to sit in the stomach for a period of time, making a person feel more full. It’s a type of fiber that has been proven to cause weight loss; studies show that those who take the supplements with glucomannan lose more weight than those who do not.
  4. Get Your Weight Lifting In. Too many people, when they diet, lose muscle in addition to fat. What’s worse is that their metabolisms also slow down because the body can easily slip into starvation mode, thanks to a lack of calories. The body “thinks” it is starving, so it slows metabolism to conserve what energy it does have stored. Lifting weights is the best way to keep your metabolism high and prevent muscle mass loss.
  5. Add AdvantraSlim to Your Routine. This product is all natural, reduces cravings, increases metabolism and energy levels, and more. AdvantraSlim contains Slendesta, which is proven by clinical trials to promote feeling fuller for longer. It’s a potato extract, which improves satiety when it’s ingested about one hour prior to meals. This product encourages you to drink water instead of getting hooked by sugary, carbonated drinks. Plus, it’s super convenient. Just mix in AdvantraSlim to your water before a meal, and you’ll boost all the weight loss helpers and quiet down the weight loss inhibitors!

No matter which tips you choose to follow, always keep in mind that to be most successful when losing weight, it’s important that you get plenty of sleep, plenty of exercise, and stay away from processed foods and artificial ingredients as much as possible. When your body ingests ingredients that it doesn’t recognize like those, it will store them as fat. Now go out there and hit your goals!

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